Ultra Sound

Ultra-Sound Treament at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound waves are sound waves at a frequency that is too high for the human ear to hear. These high frequency sound waves are used to stimulate the repair of human tissue. This is called therapeutic Ultrasound and is different to diagnostic Ultrasound, where an image or picture is seen such as baby's first photo (Sonograph).

How does it work?

Crystal movement from an alternating current creates what is called piezoelectric energy. This vibrating energy travels through the human tissue (muscle, bursa, ligament etc.) and produces a choice of effects depending on the ultrasound machine's settings.

Which effects has ultrasound?

Your chiropractor will choose an Ultrasound application setting appropriate to the tissues involved and the therapeutic aim. The effects may include more or less deep heat, micro-massage, micro-streaming which increases the metabolic rate and enhances healing, and phonophoresis that increases skin absorption of chemical substances.

A common aim is acceleration of the speed of tissue healing; Ultrasound is understood to be a pro-inflammatory treatment and to increase the local metabolic rate. Your immune system (localized) is getting more alert to the area of the Ultrasound application and engages into repair activity. This may make the area feel "more acute".

Does it hurt?

The application of therapeutic Ultrasound is pain free. A cool gel will be applied to your skin which transmits the sound waves into your tissues during the treatment. After the Ultrasound treatment, you may feel some warmth in the involved area. Post-treatment soreness the same or next day might occur and is usually mild. You will get advice on what to do after the treatment.

When will ultra-sound be used?

Your chiropractor will propose the use of Ultrasound if this is appropriate. Therapeutic Ultrasound can be used for conditions including muscle problems, tendinitis, certain types of bursitis or capsulitis, calcifications or certain types of arthritis.

Did you know?

The setting of the Ultrasound machine is what makes the difference. Tissue depth and structure, time of injury, anatomy of the tissue involved and treatment goal need to be considered to get it right. One research review discovered that out of seven controlled research studies on the effect of Ultrasound treatment on Subacromial Impingement Syndrome only one had the correct setting! Evidence appears to remain controversial.

Small print

This factsheet is for you information only and is not suitable for self-diagnosis or treatment. Please seek advice from qualified health care providers.

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