Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

At Solihull Chiropractic Clinic around 50% of patients present with low back pain. Some authors describe the problem of low back pain as an 'epidemic'. From 60 to 80% of the general population suffer lower back pain at some time in their lives.

The lower back is a complex structure of interconnected and overlapping anatomy:

  • Muscles, tendons and other soft tissues
  • Highly sensitive nerves that travel from the lower back down into the legs and feet
  • Small and complex joints
  • Spinal discs with their jelly like inner cores and tougher shells

An irritation or problem with any of these structures can cause lower back pain and/or pain that radiates (sciatica) or is simply referred to other parts of the body. Pain from resultant lower back muscle spasms or joint irritation can be severe, and pain from a number of syndromes can become chronic.

While lower back pain is extremely common, the symptoms and severity of lower back pain vary greatly. A simple lower back muscle or joint strain might be excruciating enough to necessitate an emergency chiropractic visit, while a degenerative disc (wear and tear) might cause only mild, intermittent discomfort.

Discussing and indentifying the low back symptoms, along with an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of the pain, is the first step in obtaining effective pain relief with chiropractic care. The rehabilitation and chiropractic (manual medicine) delivered by the chiropractors at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic is a perfect partnership in the delivery of high quality low back health care.

Evidence that chiropractic treatment for low back pain benefits patients

There is evidence that chiropractic treatment of lower back pain helps a patients recovery. Solihull Chiropractic Clinic is an 'evidence based' practice bringing together the best treatments from a variety of professions such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, Pilates and spinal rehabilitation for a diverse approach to pain management and long term wellbeing.

Lower back pain causes by age

Certain causes of lower back pain have a tendency to occur more often in younger individuals versus older adults:

  • Younger adults (e.g. 30 to 60 year olds) are more likely to experience back pain from the disc space itself (e.g. lumbar disc prolapse, sometimes called a 'slipped disc', or degenerative disc disease) or from a lower back muscle strain or other soft tissue strain.
  • Older adults (e.g. over 60) are more likely to suffer from pain related to joint degeneration (e.g. osteoarthritis or lower back spinal stenosis) or from a compression fracture.

Your low back treatment will often begin with gentle, specific manipulation or other suitable treatment. This chiropractic treatment is generally painless, although you may feel some short-term discomfort if your lower back is already very sore.

Your chiropractor may recommend ice or heat treatment, massage, acupuncture or other appropriate low back treatments. National guidelines on back pain suggest that you should try to remain active, as prolonged bed rest or inactivity may slow your recovery. You will often be advised to take gentle exercise to ease your pain and help your body to recuperate.

It is important to note that some rare causes of low back pain require immediate referral for a surgical opinion. Your chiropractor is highly trained to recognise these low back pain cases and advise on the best course on action.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch, you can leave a message on our contact page, phone us on 0121 744 6627 or Email us at admin@solihullchiropractic.co.uk

At Solihull Chiropractic Clinic you will always find a warm and friendly welcome. Our professional approach, gentle treatment and the great care we take of our patients have helped us to become a centre for excellence.

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