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Headache is a very common ailment of our time. There are several kinds of headache and there are different causes. The principal question most people are concerned about is if the headache is sinister in nature. Chapman-Smith has reviewed professional and research material in 1995 about headache and states that the majority of headaches (90%) has a benign (harmless) reason, although the pain can be severe and chronic.

Benign Headache

This is a headache that does not have an underlying disease (cause). The pain can be severe and long lasting or frequently occurring but there is no danger to the patient beyond the headache itself. This includes tension headache, cluster headache and migraine.

Sinister Headache

This describes a headache that is secondary to a specific pathological cause, for example meningitis, acute glaucoma (eye problem), blood vessel problems or a lesion of the brain. Your doctor or chiropractor will able to diagnose you with a thorough history and examination.

Common Headache Symptoms

Pain most commonly felt at forehead, base of your head, or around the eyes, but any part of the head can be affected. Most headache sufferers have a history of many months or even years of recurrent episodes.

Be aware of a new or different headache, a progressively more intense or frequent headache, a headache that worsens with movement (such as when rising from a lying position) and a headache that disturbs your balance or memory and that might cause you to be confused. These kinds should be discussed with your doctor.

Common Treament Methods of Headache

Sinister type headaches need medical attention and intervention.

The treatment of benign headache depends on the type and may include oxygen therapy, medication or treatment of the neck with a technique called spinal manipulation. Some headaches have triggers that start new episodes; these triggers must always be considered and addressed. Life style as well as psychological factors can play a major role, and your road to recovery from chronic headache should include dealing with these factors.

Your chiropractor can advise you on an appropriate plan of care or will refer you as necessary.

Did you know?

Leading researcher C. Nelson discovered that the cervical spine (neck) is functionally different in headache sufferers from people that never have headache. This suggests that mechanical neck dysfunction may cause or contribute to headache!

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