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Pain in front of the knee?

Posted in Clinic News on Feb 26, 2015

Do you suffer from Anterior Knee Pain? 
 Do you get pain at the front of your knee with squatting, sitting, running, or during your specific Sport? If so, it is worth a visit to our musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Kate Oakley to see if she can get you back on the road to recovery.

 When you think of the 'knee', you may think of it like a hinge that bends and straightens. This is indeed the case, but in addition to this hinge joint, we also have the Patello-femoral joint at the front of the knee. The Patello-femoral joint involves the Patella bone or 'knee cap'. This glides up and down on a groove at the end of the thigh bone as we bend and straighten out the knee.
 There are various soft tissue structures that attach to the Patella to help keep it aligned and allow a smooth movement on the femoral groove.  However, sometimes these supporting structures can become tight and short, which can lead to the Patella being pulled 'off line', resulting in pain and possible cartilage corrosion. 
 There are several causes of muscle imbalance around the knee, including weakness and/or tightness at the leg, hip, buttock and lower back due to poor posture or possibly repetitive movements like running, swimming or golf.  Poor foot biomechanics, for example flat feet, can also have a detrimental effect on knee alignment, due to tightening of the lower leg muscles and the torsion effect at the knee. 
 The good news is that a lot can be done to prevent or improve anterior knee pain with the right treatment and advice from a Physiotherapist.  So don't suffer in silence with anterior knee pain, come and see Kate and let her help you reach your functional or sporting goals in comfort. 

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