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David warns us not to sit too long at work!

Posted in Clinic News on Dec 08, 2015

As a chiropractor I spend a great deal of time persuading my patients to remain as active as possible in their daily lives, as well as taking part in specific physical activities. Physical activity, with regard to low back pain, will help in a number of ways. For instance, it helps to maintain mobility, it promotes muscle activity and it inhibits pain. A recent publication in the Annals of Internal Medicine further highlighted the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle at work. It identified the positive association of increased sitting with an increased risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease, cancer and type two diabetes. Less than eight hours sitting a day resulted in a 14% lower risk of potentially preventable hospitalisation.  Interestingly, if regular exercise is introduced the risks are significantly reduced, compared to those not exercising at all. The take home message is, “Please get off your behinds on a regular basis if you want to stay healthy.” David Evans


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