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I have been a patient here on and off, for about 20 years and have always had the best and most helpful treatments.

Dr Philip R, Retired, Solihull

I have had a bad back and neck for over 20 years and have been seeing John Lange for treatment.  I feel that without his help I would not be able to play golf, which is my favourite pastime.  John provides good advice on all matters dealing with my back and has passed on many golfing tips to help relieve the pressure on my back.

Stephen K, Retired Police Officer, Solihull

I decided to seek out chiropractic treatment after feeling I could not cope with my back pain any longer.  My sleep was being affected which was having a detrimental effect in day to day life.  The pain was in my lower back and had become uncomfortable to stand, sit or lie down.  After an initial assessment and x-ray I began treatment twice a week.  I noticed an improvement three weeks after the first treatment.  After four months of treatment I progressed to once a week, as the effects had been really effective.  I began to sleep much better – no more waking up in pain and my day to day life was greatly improved. 
I now visit the clinic once every twelve weeks, my back is so much improved I can’t recommend the treatment enough.  My practitioner, John Lange has been very professional, kind and caring through the whole experience.

Carole R, Housewife, Knowle

Treated for sacroiliac joint.  My severe pain at first was helped by manipulation and exercises suggested by John Lange – reassured that there was no ‘hip’ issues.  Continued massage specific to area helped greatly – ongoing ‘MOT’ treatments help keep problem at bay and allow me to enjoy my skiing activities free from pain.  Text reminders for appointments are very helpful.

Sheila W, Retired teacher, Solihull

I find a visit to the Solihull Chiropractic Clinic a positive and healing experience.  When I have felt tension or tightness in my back, I have found the treatment offered to be excellent and felt myself renewed.  The centre is a peaceful and calm oasis in a stressed out world.  The staff are always helpful.  You cannot help but benefit from your visit.

Roy B, Hospital Chaplain, Solihull

I suffer with neck and upper back pain resulting in poor mobility and discomfort.  John Lange always does a great job to loosen me up and relieve my pain.

Tom C, Security Consultant, Solihull

I have attended the clinic over the past six years for maintenance treatment of lower back pain.  I have always been treated professionally, sympathetically and with a friendly manner from all the staff.  The treatment and advice I have been given has been first class.

Anne S, Physiotherapist, Knowle

Found the problem straight away.  Very professional.

Ian G, Roofer, Knowle

I was struggling with my lower back carrying around my seven month old baby, but just two sessions with John freed me from all pain. 

Libby P, Director of Building Company and Mother! Alvechurch

I owe a radical change in the quality of my life to David Evans.  I had chronic headaches, back and neck pain resulting from a horse riding accident I had as a child which had troubled me most of my early adult life.  David has helped me greatly.  My maintenance programme manages the symptoms and enables me to pursue a full active lifestyle.  David has also helped me overcome a car whiplash injury and most recently helping me to recover from a knee injury due to running.  I would not hesitate to recommend Solihull Chiropractic Clinic.

Alison E, Accountant, Solihull

I have suffered from lower back pain for a number of years and despite undergoing a decompression operation I had no relief. My consultant recommended John Lange for the long term management of my condition as opposed to the continued use of painkillers. I also have a broken neck. Since being treated by Mr Lange I have been able to function normally, relatively pain free, even to the point of swimming five days per week without the need of painkillers. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr Lange or any of the practitioners at Solihull Chiropractic Clinic.

Anthony A, Retired Police Officer, Solihull

Treatment at the clinic for sciatic syndrome has kept the problem at bay for over six years.  A highly professional and efficient service which is to be commended.

Frank B, Professor of Chemistry, Selly Oak

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At Solihull Chiropractic Clinic you will always find a warm and friendly welcome. Our professional approach, gentle treatment and the great care we take of our patients have helped us to become a centre for excellence.

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